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Which of our leaders you like the most?#2 Winner: "Hik3rx" 4 weeks, 1379 days ago
What do you think about Last Chaos? Winner: "I like it" 4 weeks, 1380 days ago
Do you like LoyalGuardianz Winner: "Yes, i absolutely love it" 4 weeks, 1380 days ago
What do you think about this web page? Winner: "It's nice" 4 weeks, 1380 days ago
How often do you play LC a day? (weekends not included) Winner: "2 hours" 4 weeks, 1380 days ago
Which you think is better for a pheonix toon? Winner: "Wizzard" 4 weeks, 1380 days ago

Hello everyone and welcome to LoyalGuardianz web page.We expect for you to get the information that you need on this site.If you have any suggestions please right them to me. Have fun everyone

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